The End? Not so much...

Well it's pretty much the end of Loveofmystery. She had a good run. I'm gearing up to write under my real name on a different blog about other things of great importance. Am I still going to write about sex? Yes, but only on carefully selected channels . I still got hot memories, attitudes and desires that need an outlet. And there's still those books...:) Thanks for reading. 


Bike Smut 7: Call for Submissions

Do you think riding bikes are sexy? Do you feel sexy when you are riding your bike? The wind in your hair, the sun at your back, heavy breathing, something hard and tubular between your legs..surely many readers must have had some inspiration during a bike ride. Are you turned on by ecology and saving the earth? Maybe that's your story line. Or maybe you've found yourself huffing and puffing and thinking about other things that make you huff and puff while bearing down on that bike seat--pow! Whichever it is you'll want to know about Bike Smut, the Annual International touring porn festival dedicated to riding bikes and sex. Are you bikesexual?

Bike Smut is a special curation of porn and only way to see it is to attend a screening. You'll never see it for sale, you'll never see it high jacked on a tube site. But with others you will--Bike Smut becomes a community event of like minded aficionados that agree with the same sentiments you do: sex positive culture, riding a bike, hacking mainstream porn, erotic film..you get the drift.

I caught Bike Smut Turning Tricks at the El Rio in February. It was hot and super fun. It's hard to say which clip was my favorite. There were different things about all of them that I liked. I guess that's one good thing about a film festival-you don't have to choose! It made me think about what kind of Bike Smut I would like to make. That evening I thought about how fun and it would be to shoot something involving riding my bike to the farmers market and buying vegetables while secretly enjoying a butt plug. How slow and sensual that could be but on the other hand I could see making a entry that involved making my bike dirty by coming all over it depending on my mood! I don't have a proper camera but maybe I will some day.

Bike Smut is now accepting submissions! You too can celebrate bikesexualness with the world!

Bike Smut 7: The Pony Express 

Your film should be:
 Shot in 16.9 aspect ratio
in .mov, Mp4 or .avi Must be under 10 minutes

More submission information here. Deadline is May 25.

Follow them @bikeSmut or at bikesmut.tumblr.com 


Quick Open Relationship Advice

Some friends of mine let me know recently they were having an open relationship. I haven't pried for details but I wanted to make clear that I was available as a resource. Five years in a serious committed open relationship and additionally just as long following sexuality writers and activists and having friends have them in different sort of ways. About two years ago I fooled around with a friend for a little while who had a committed partner whom I knew also. It's just a part of my world.


My First Bawdy Storytelling/Slam

A couple of weeks ago I finally got up on the Bawdy Storytelling stage--the Bawdy Slam stage that is. I've been a regular for years at Bawdy and pitched the curator Dixie De La Tour a couple of times but had never told any. Bawdy Slam is her new monthly event that is more like a poetry slam or open mike where storytellers sign up on the spot and are chose through a hat and compete for the best told story.

Bawdy Slam is fun, it's held in a smaller cafe-Cafe Royale (that serves beer), has a nice medium sized crowd and an intimate feel. I also like it because while some of the storytellers there have lived wild and wild and are accomplished storytellers, more of them at least appear to be your average Jane and Joe.


Sex News: YellowFace and BlackFace in the Same Week, This American Whore vs. NPR

Yes, both in the same week. It's almost makes you want to laugh if it wasn't so sad.

Porn actor Danny Wylde adorned an "Asian Face" for a Burning Angel porn parody of "Walking Dead". Wylde portrayed an Asian actor in make-up on the show due to the fact there are few straight male Asian actors in porn (I find this curious, side topic) and because he had worked with Angel productions and was part of the "family''.

He reports in his blog, "Where I Try Explain Why I look Like An Asshole" that it wasn't more complex then that but there was some laughter and discussion about his odd looking make-up and the, "It's a porn parody, so who cares?".


Porn News Roundup AVN, Kink & "Women" Porn

It was the AVN Expo and Awards this weekend and CNBC picked up this story:

Porn's New Market: Women. They report that women's interest in adult content has been steadily increasing over the last few years and with 50 Shades of Grey, it has been a tremendous breakthrough for women pursuing their tastes in adult film but... yet the adult industry reports that they don't want to overdo it and produce too much for women and turn them away !?!

How about make better content? Looking at the AVN awards nominees is like going to McDonald's.


Parenthood Show "The Talk" with Asperger Son Needs More Thought

In a recent episode of Parenthood (season 4 episode 13) it becomes clear that growing Max needs to bathe more often now. His regimented schedule of only taking a shower on Tuesdays and Saturdays are not enough for a boy going through puberty. He is resistant as his Aspergers makes him reluctant to change his schedule so Dad Bravermen has a talk with young Max about the changes he is going through.

He understands it well as compared to lizards (one of Maxs favorite things) whom shed their skin but when it comes to talking about sexual changes and his feelings towards girls changing, Max stops Dad and says he is not ready for that yet. There is a sadness there. We, the audience can guess that it is related to the fact that Max has trouble relating to feelings and socializing with others so no doubt "girls" will be difficult.

National Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers at Center for Sex and Culture

Bulletin at Muddy Waters Cafe


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