Erica Lust's new XConfessions site

I am very excited about a new website started by Adult filmmaker Erika Lust called XConfessions. Erika Lust is a cutting edge, award winning, European filmmaker and writer who produces artful erotic movies and shorts that have intimate meaningful story lines.

I saw one of her lovely short films: Handcuffs (watch it for free here) at the Good Vibrations Erotic film Fest last year and recently watched, Life, Love and Lust, a collection of art/story erotic shorts filmed in Spain.

XConfessions is a non for profit, free and open space where people can anonymously write and read sexual confessions, stories, fantasies and anecdotes for the whole world to see. Erika Lust is based in Barcelona and some of the entries are in Spanish. An incentive for me to dust of my Spanish textbooks to experience the sexuality of the sexy Spanish people.

Everyone has a public platform to post their deepest fantasies, honest feelings or experiences on XConfessions and I love it. What a great idea. There will be some stuff you don't want to read but I am sure more good then bad will come of it.

There is a gallery of erotic photos and art. Whats I have seen in the gallery so far, has high production quality and is much better then your average amateur photographs.

This photo is from the from the XConfessions Flickr feed and is just about the sexiest thing I have ever seen.

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